IT Consulting

We work with our clients from the idea inception through project implementation and completion.

Our information technology capability is complete and comprehensive. WorldWide Solutions (WWS) provides customers with staff augmentation as needed, or can implement complete projects. Our consultants will compliment our client's personal in the areas they need help. We provide services suitable to our clients as defined by them. Our flexibility and availability of vast resources is our main strength.


Some of our IT services comprise the following:


Feasibility studies
In working with the customer, we verify the organization's goals, gather information relevant to the objectives, verify the data, determine and analyze the alternative solutions, and recommend the best course of action.


Network Solutions
The ongoing convergence of voice, e-mail, video, instant messaging and other communications systems will continue to create demand for networking specialists with implementation experience. Interconnect your computers to a powerful server that can provide all the software resources to everyone in the organization, and control access to the databases by authorized users. We can provide and install all the computer hardware and software, cabling, installation, and support services for local, wide, and metropolitan area network needs.


Project Management
We can assist you to interconnect people who understand the project and the systems development life cycles and make sure the project goals are closely aligned with the business objectives.


Business Intelligence
Now more than ever, corporate executives want to be able to analyze customer and sales data in order to make informed decisions about business strategies. That's driving demand for business intelligence specialists across the board, including people with data mining, data warehousing and data management skills. Our consultants are trained in business objects and Cognos to provide the appropriate strategy development.


Systems Analysis and Design/Technical Support
We will analyze your requirements, and offer the most cost effective solution that will satisfy all your needs. We provide consultants "JOAT's" (jack-of-all-trades) in the support industry who can provide solutions to almost all break/fix situations.


As companies continue to have strong interest in people with network and wireless security skills, our consultants are ready to fill that void. From standard security to SAP security, our teams are trained and knowledgeable in these areas.


Web 2.0
While many companies are just starting to noodle with corporate implementations of social networking applications such as MySpace and Facebook, "more and more companies are trying to reach their customers via the Web." The demand for Web 2.0 skills is also driven by the continuing expansion of business-to-business connections, our trained consultants can review your next social media application or technology need to create the appropriate decisions.


Programming and Application Development
Our software engineers will design and develop the latest customized application that will satisfy all your requirements and achieve your goals in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. Using the latest in SAP, C, C++, Java or any programming language available, our consultants bring various levels of expertise to your needs.


VoIP and projects involving unified communications continue to drive demand for blended telecommunications and networking skills, our engineers will design and develop the latest customized system that will satisfy all your requirements and achieve your goals in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

services list

  • Information Technology Consulting
  • Software Development
  • Telecommunications Consulting
  • Quantitative Problem Solving and Decision-Making
  • Turnkey Projects
  • Training
  • Infrastructure Projects

    IT consultants experienced and/or trained in the following areas:


    • Full Life Cycle Development

    • Project Management

    • Programming Languages: C, C++, Visual Basic, Visual C++

    • Programming Languages: SQL, HTML, Java, COBAL

    • Programming Languages: SAS, ABAP, RPG, Lisp, Delphi

    • Database Tools: Oracle, SQLBase, Access

    • Internet Expertise and/or Networking & Communications:
      Sun Products, Java, HTML, CGI, Perl, Search Tools,   ActionScript, Ruby, Cold Fusion, Web 2.0, .Net, Boo, ASP
    , XML

    • Technical & Business Writing/Documentation

    • Quality Assurance - Software Testing

    • Operating Systems: Python, Linux, Windows

    • Telecommunications: Local, Long Distance, International

    • Telecommunications: Messaging, Wireless

    • Knowledge of Telecommunications:
      Consumer, Small Business, Corporate & Business Accounts

    • Billing Systems: Engineering, Pricing, Audits, Controls,
      Fulfillment, Customer Service, Reporting, SAP

    • Product Management, Marketing, Development and Testing,   Business Objects and Cognos