We work with our clients from inception through completion.

In the field of telecommunications, we have provided systems engineering, full consulting services from project inception to completion, and turnkey projects. We assist you in preparing specifications, system design and layout, bid solicitation, evaluation, contracting, and procurement.


The following are some of the major steps we can assist you to complete:


Feasibility Studies
In working with the customer, we verify the organization's goals, gather information relevant to the objectives, verify the data, determine and analyze the alternative solutions, and recommend the best course of action.


    Site Surveys
    This applies to wireless services and VHF, UHF, or microwave communications links, checking for radio line-of-sight, and the actual housing and environmental requirements of telecommunications repeaters, base stations and other facilities.


    Systems Design and Full Specifications
    Complete and comprehensive telecommunications consulting services, including end-to-end systems design, and full component and systems specifications.


    Preparation of Complete Bid Documentation
    We will assist you to prepare complete request for proposal (RFP) or invitation for bid (IFB) packages for solicitation of competitive bids.


    Bid Solicitation, Evaluation and Recommendation
    Advertising for proposals or expression of interest, or requesting bids from short listed qualified bidders, setting evaluation criteria and assisting the customer with the evaluation process according to the set criteria. Identifying the most qualified and cost effective bid, and making recommendation for contract awards.


    Contract Negotiations, Award, and Monitoring
    Assisting in contract negotiation, drafting contracts, and supervising the implementation phase.


    Post Implementation Reviews
    Reviewing the projects as they are implemented to identify improvement areas, and making recommendations accordingly.