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Computer Application Seminar (CAS) series improve delegates' understanding of the computers and management information systems (MIS) as applied to large public institutions or private enterprises.

The following CAS courses are offered:

CAS501 - Computer Proficiency and Applications
Computer principles and peripheral equipment will be reviewed. Both hardware and software elements will be covered. Operating system software, their role, and capabilities will be discussed. Then several off-the-shelf software packages will be explained and applied to practical work situations. Some of the software packages included in this course will be Microsoft Office, particularly word-processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation applications, Microsoft Project, and other database packages such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.


Major topics are as follows:

- Computer concepts
- Hardware components
- Software elements
- Off-the-shelf software packages
- Latest trends in information technology


CAS502 - Computer Applications in Financial Management
This course will cover the basic financial policies and computer applications in this field. Financial assessment of projects and of alternatives and their cost/benefit analysis is included. The course emphasizes computer applications.


Major topics are as follows:

- Theory, policy and practice
- Financial analysis, sources of funding, budgeting
- Automated data processing systems
- Financial software packages


CAS503 - Database Management and Customization
Database management systems are widely used in business and government alike. This course reviews the application and customization of database management systems, and gives many examples of actual applications.


Major topics are as follows:

- Data and information collection and analysis
- Database organization, creation, and maintenance
- Database development and implementation
- Intelligent systems trends


CAS504 - Management Information Systems
Management Information Systems (MIS) are databases incorporated on computer networks that provide relevant infor- mation to management for appropriate decision making. ?MIS components consist of management considerations and expectations, computer networks, information structures and sharing schemes, data transmission devices, and overall control and security of the information. MIS is used by lower and middle management in carrying out their day-to-day and short-term tactical activities. Decision Support Systems (DSS) and Executive Support Systems (ESS) are used by middle and top management for medium term and long-term strategic decisions.


Major topics are as follows:

- Information technology basics
- Information management and integration
- Database developments
- Networking principles
- Data transmission, standardization and security


CAS505 - Software Development and Hardware Selection
This course is specialized and is for computer experts, programmers, and software developers. Hardware components and specifications will be discussed. Various off-the-shelf packages will be reviewed and specific programming tech- niques in various high level and visual languages will be studied.


Major topics are as follows:

- Software definition and purpose
- Software development life cycle
- Off-the-shelf software and their utility
- Computer languages and their applications
- Programming design
- Hardware components and specifications
- Organizational impact


CAS506 - Internet Basics and Applications
This course discusses the basic Internet principles, the service providers, and the users. Participants will learn what it takes to provide Internet services and what is required to use the services. ?It will discuss the world wide web (www), electronic mail (email), and electronic commerce (eCommerce).


Major topics are as follows:

- How the Internet works
- Internet providers and users
- World Wide Web basics
- email setup, cyber cafes
- Electronic commerce
- Security concerns


CAS507 - Telecommunications and Computer Networks
Telecommunication concepts and data transmission media will be covered. Analog versus digital and the various band- width and data rates or line speeds will be discussed. Network topologies and various protocols will be covered, as will land based cable and fiber optics as well as wideband microwave and other wireless services. Local and long distance communications, and mobile telephones will be included. ?Local and wide area computer networks will be reviewed. Private and public networks, the Internet, and other related topics will also be covered.


Major topics are as follows:

- Basic concepts; digital versus analog
- Data transmission speeds
- Local, metropolitan, and wide area networks (LANs, MANs, & WANs)
- Internet and websites
- Wireless services
- Emerging Technologies


CAS508 - eCommerce, eBusiness, and eGovernment
eCommerce is buying and selling electronically across the world, whereas eBusiness is doing any business on-line. eGovernment is automation of services and exchange of information between government agencies and their con- stituencies. Use of Internet for various electronic transactions and exchange of information by enterprises, individuals (customers), businesses, and the government is growing everyday to increase efficiency and reduce cost.


Major topics are as follows:

- Basic Internet concepts, eCommerce, eBusiness, and eGoverment
- Business to business (B2B) transactions, business to consumers (B2C) and vice versa.
- Government to government (G2G), government to business (G2B), government to consumers (G2C), and vice versa
- Pros and cons and benefits and advantages of automation
- Emerging technologies


CAS509 - Computer Applications in Office Management
Several off-the-shelf software packages will be explained and applied to practical work situations, including:??icrosoft Office Suite, particularly word processing (Word), spreadsheet (Excel), graphic software (PowerPoint), database appli- cations (Access), and other application packages. Office management, teamwork, and office administration will also be covered.


Major topics are as follows:

- Computer basics
- Application software packages
- Managing Information Systems (MIS)
- Electronic mail (email) operation and advantages
- Teamwork
- Office administration
- Effective Communication


CAS510 - Computer Applications In Budgeting
Budget preparation, presentation and defense will be covered. Practical assignments will be carried out in class, and as exercises by the delegates, under close supervision of experts in the field. A thorough understanding and appreciation
of the information technology (IT) role in government institutions and private organizations will be ensured.


The major topics are as follows:

- The budgeting process
- Budgeting procedure
- Computer utilization in budgeting
- Intensive spreadsheet computer training
- Management Information Systems (MIS)
- Financial software packages
- Information technology (IT) role in public institutions and private organizations


CAS515 - Advanced ICT Strategies
This course comprises advanced topics in information and communication technologies (ICT). It addresses the latest developments in electronics and merger of information technologies, and the new trends. Application specific cases will be discussed. New security challenges and solutions are reviewed.


The major topics are as follows:

- Latest developments in the field of electronics
- New information superhighways and transmission techniques
- Information analysis and sharing
- Security risks and considerations
- Applications and strategies
- Future of ICT

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