healthcare appreciation

The Healthcare Appreciation Seminar (HAS) series is intended for management and the staff of public and private healthcare facilities. These courses emphasize various aspects of healthcare services to improve participants' awareness, see new approaches, and learn about the latest developments in this field.

The following HAS courses are offered:

HAS501 - Public Healthcare Planning and Administration
This course is designed for healthcare planners and hospital and public healthcare system administrators.


Major topics are as follows:

- Healthcare components
- Healthcare planning and control
- Administration of public healthcare institutions
- National and international health organizations


HAS502 - AIDS Prevention and Treatment
This course addresses the causes of AIDS and the latest developments for cure. This course is intended for healthcare professionals and medical doctors.


Major topics are as follows:

- Understanding AIDS
- AIDS causes and prevention

- Advance treatments


HAS503 - Procurements in Healthcare Arena
National competitive bidding (NCB) and international competitive bidding (ICB) procedures will be studied. World Bank and Government policies on bid solicitation, evaluation, and contract awards will be covered.


Major topics are as follows:

- Procurement process and preparation of tender documents
- Bid solicitation, evaluation, and contract award
- Contract administration and project management
- Financial analysis and project control
- Use of computers in implementation of the above steps


HAS504 - Management of Healthcare Projects
Management of healthcare projects will be addressed in detail.  Principles and tools of project management will be reviewed.


Major topics are as follows:

- Review of project management techniques
- Planning and monitoring complex healthcare projects
- Advance leadership and motivational techniques
- Information technology (IT) role in project management


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