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The Management Alternative Seminars (MAS) address the various styles of management and their impact on the organization.

The following MAS courses are offered:

MAS501 - Management Principles
The history and concept of management and the latest development in leadership styles will be reviewed. Management functions and responsibilities, as well as management theories and practices will be covered.


Major topics are as follows:

- Traditional management roles
- Organizations and management practices
- Motivation techniques and effectiveness

- Leadership challenges and trends


MAS502 - Business Administration
This course emphasizes administration and the managerial functions of a business.


Major topics are as follows:

- Organizational concepts
- Management theories
- Private and public organizations
- Current management approaches, and future trends


MAS503 - Public Administration
This course applies to management and leadership in government organizations.


Major topics are as follows:

- Management concepts and theory
- Employee improvement and development
- Efficiency, effectiveness and accountability
- Ethical, political, and economic factors


MAS504 - Project Management
The course will improve delegates' understanding of the process of defining a project, its scope and typical life cycles. Task scheduling and identification of resource requirements are illustrated well. Risk identification is covered, as is the means of controlling the project. People issues and teamwork are a vital part of any project and are included in this course. In addition, leadership skills and motivational techniques will be discussed.


Major topics are as follows:

- Project objectives and purpose
- Work breakdown structure
- Scheduling and monitoring
- Planning, organizing, and staffing
- Team work and effectiveness
- Risk, quality, and cost control


MAS505 - Project Planning and Control
This course covers the planning and control of project costs and schedule by employing earned value management in a systematic way. The course will also cover alignment of projects with organizational goals and objectives, taking into account the realities of the public and private environment.


Major topics are as follows:

- Project planning and alignment with goals
- Relationships among various projects
- Controlling cost and Schedule
- Controlling the quality of work
- Building capacity to effectively manage future challenges


MAS506 - Conflict Management
This course provides a communication skills approach to managing interpersonal conflicts. The focus will be on defining the conflict, exploring the nature of the conflict, and providing a model for conflict management. Oral and nonverbal com- munication techniques for handling of conflict will be explained. Specific contexts, gender, and cultural differences and how such differences can be anticipated, assessed and avoided will be discussed. The course objective is to familiarize participants with as many interpersonal conflict factors as possible and provide them with communication skills to man- age such differences effectively.


Major topics are as follows:

- Defining and understanding conflict
- Conflict nature and analysis of attitudes, actions, etc.
- Language of conflict and its management
- Gender and cultural differences and awareness
- Written styles creating conflict and their avoidance


MAS507 - Effective Communication & Presentation Skills

Designed for working professionals, this course stresses written composition and verbal communication, and provides instruction for efficient communication verbally and written. The need for effective presentation is addressed, and participants gain a practical understanding of how this essential skill applies in various contexts from meetings to public

speaking. Skills are learned and practiced by participants developing presentations, which are reviewed by video. The course emphasizes the steps to create an effective presentation as well as ways to overcome adversity such as stage fright.


Major topics are as follows:

- Written communication skills
- Business Writing
- Introduction, body, and conclusion
- Organization and theme of written reports
- Verbal presentation skills
- Public Speaking
- Conducting Group Meetings
- Use of computers as an effective communication tool
- Use of software specific, graphics and special effects for presentation


MAS508 - Project Audit and Certification
This course will cover the process of auditing projects to ensure that procurement and contacting has been done in accordance with the applicable policies and procedures. In addition, the need for careful monitoring of project implemen- tation, and appropriate project certification will be emphasized. Avoidance of funds misappropriation and control of cost, schedule, and quality of the work will also be explained.


Major topics are as follows:

- Audit techniques and procedures
- Procurement process and contracting
- Control of cost, schedule, and quality
- Proper Project certification
- Consultant services and project success
- Funds misappropriation and consequences
- Use of computers as a tool for project audit and control


MAS509 ??Advance Project Management
This course will build on the contents of MAS504, MAS505, and MAS508. A thorough understanding of the project man- agement concepts from inception to implementation and completion will be ensured. Advance topics and tools for project management will be covered.


Major topics are as follows:

- Project planning, and detailed structure
- Project cost, quality and schedule control
- Project risk analysis and safeguards
- Effective communication and teamwork
- Effective management and leadership
- Software tools and latest trends


MAS510 ??Advance Communication & Presentation Skills
This seminar builds on MAS507 and further stresses written and verbal communication. The importance of effective pre- sentations is emphasized, and participants analyze all modes of communications in various contexts from meetings to public speaking. Verbal, vocal, and written communications will be practiced. The course emphasizes written reports,
and the steps to create an effective presentation.


Major topics are as follows:

- Review of MAS07 topics
- Building on your strengths
- Connect with your audience and grab their attention
- Sell your idea and inspire them to act
- Be persuasive and sell your idea
- Master & utilize audio visual tool


MAS511 - Human Resources Management
This seminar builds on MAS01 - Management Principles course, and covers the specific aspects of managing people. This course will cover the various motivational and leadership techniques and their effectiveness in today's global environment.


The major topics are as follows:

- Review of management principles
- Various management techniques
- Human resource management
- Advance leadership and motivational techniques
- Information technology (IT) role in project management


MAS520 ??Executive Management & Leadership
This seminar is designed for senior management of public organizations and private enterprises. The course reviews management principles and leadership styles. Participants will be well exposed to management process of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling, as well and motivational skills and leadership styles. Effective teamwork and communication techniques will also be covered.


Major topics will be as follows:

- Review of management principles
- Management process
- Organizational structures
- Effective team work
- Effective communications
- Motivations and human resources
- Leadership styles


MAS525 ??Advance Management & Decision Making
This course concentrates on management techniques and decision making. Management process and styles are cov- ered. Management decision making at various levels are discussed and demonstrated. Effective teamwork and communications are emphasized.


Major topics are as follows:

- Management concepts and principles
- Process of management and its details
- Teamwork and communications
- Decision analysis
- Strategic, tactical, and day-to-day decision
- Qualitative and quantitative decision making
- Latest trends



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